[AVALON7] was built to support the progression of its riders. Staying true to that idea, we have created the AV7Crews, because no one can help you progress faster than your friends.

Click here to start your own! Check out the most recent AV7Crews here.


The AV7Crews are riders that like to shred together. Do you have a bunch of friends you ride with everyday? Start an AV7Crew! You will get your own group page here on [AVALON7], where you can post your riding shots, videos and blogs. You can even request your own forum!

Once you get your crew together, make a AV7Crew video and post it up in the AV7Battles to see how you stack up. The winning crew gets tons of free AV7 gear.

An AV7Crew can be any size, but if you get 7 riders to sign up and join your AV7Crew group we will make you 7 free die-cut stickers customized with your crew name on them!

Starting an AV7Crew is easy. Just click here to request your custom AV7Crew group page. Give us a day or so to get your AV7Crew group page set up, then get your friends to join in.

Once you have 7 members joined in to your AV7Crew group, just send Kinga a message, and we will make your custom AV7Crew stickers. (Stickers may take up to 3 weeks for processing).

Custom AV7Crew tshirts and hoodies coming soon!


Click here to start your own AV7Crew! Check out the most recent AV7Crews here.



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