AVALON7 is an action sports accessory company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We are dedicated to the art of continual improvement and the activation of the higher self.

Our mission is to make rad stuff, inspire positive progression, and support the journey to the next level through snowboarding, skiing, art, and music.

AVALON7 is named after a city from the future hidden in the mountains, accessible only to those seeking the next level.

We are owned and operated by pro-snowboarder Rob Kingwill.


BANDARIL- The world's most breathable, technical mesh bandana.

BALLERCLAVA- Lightweight, nearly seamless polyester ballaclava for full head and face protection. These things are baller.

TSHIELD TUBE- Lightweight breathable seamless polyester tubes.

LEVEL7 SERIES PRODUCTS- One of a kind shirts. Limited edition faceshields. Hand painted fit caps and trucker hats. Titanium power jewelery.

CLOTHING- Limited Edition Print Tshirts, hoodies, winter hats and a wide assortment of other raddness.




AVALON7 was built to help you remember who you are, and that you are capable of great things.

We hope to inspire and empower people to become whole beings, to reach for their higher selves.

We want you to find your truth. Think outside the system. Turn off the TV. Connect and ACTIVATE!

We are here to help you realize you are a force of nature, and you are limitless in your potential.



The ACTIVATE Method is a simple process that you can use to help manage conflict and fear in your life.

It can be used in all areas of life, from snowboarding to business to your personal life.

The three principles are CENTER, FOCUS and FLOW.

ACTIVATE the three principles to help you to move through fear and conflict with grace and power by being present and mindful.

Click here to visit the LiveACTIVATED page.



The AVALON7 COLLECTIVE is a worldwide community of riders and artists dedicated to inspiring each other to progress to the next level. Our intention is to activate the upward spiral of positivity and creative collaboration around the world.

To join the AVALON7 COLLECTIVE like us on our Facebook page or create a profile on avalonseven.com.

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AVALON7 products are designed to be a venue for unique and inspiring designs- a place where our Level7 artists and riders can express their individuality.

The AVALON7 COLLECTIVE Level7 artists include: Ruckus, Lynsey Dyer, Mike Parillo, Kelly Halpin, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Mark Dunstan/AnomalyFarm, Ryan Hayworth, Anika Youcha, DJ RichieBeats, Anthony Harmon, Kelly D. Williams, Angel Rodrigues, Add Fuel to the Fire, and KINGER.

Everything we make at AVALON7 is limited edition. Level7 series products come with hand-numbered collectors cards, and are sometimes autographed by the artist.




The Futurepositiv philosophy is a personal commitment to make things better than we found them.

It integrates the art of continual improvement, positive philosophy, and activation of the individual through movement and centering.

The first step in being FUTUREPOSITIV is to practice the ACTIVATE principles in your daily life.

The more people with the skills to remain conscious instead of living from a fear state the more we can activate the upward spiral of positivity in the world and build a brighter future for everyone.



The concept of the city of AVALON7 represents a bright future for mankind- the next level. It is a metaphor designed to inspire personal growth and activation of the higher self.

Technology has allowed us to become more connected than ever before, giving us the unique opportunity to make a better world by creating a positive collective consciousness through the mediums of the internet and our products.

We believe in the concept that positivity is infectious and can build upon itself. Activate the upward spiral!


Our logo is called the Inspiracon. It is designed to inspire you to be in the flow and activate your higher self. Check out the ACTIVATE METHOD here.

The Inspiracon is an artifact of the future. It is designed to inspire you on the journey to the next level.

On the most basic level, the Inspiracon is three A, V, and 7s (AV7) joined together and spun around a single axis. Viewed in its two dimensional form, the Inspiracon resembles a snowflake, symbolic of the sport in which it was born.

Remove one of the AV7 symbols and the Inspiracon takes the shape of wings, as well as a shield to protect the warrior who wears it into battle.

Taken as a three dimensional object, the Inspiracon reveals itself as a cube or a pyramid, with the AV7 on each side. The six pointed hexagonal shape becomes seven pointed as the viewer elevates their perception.



The Futurepositiv Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing outdoor participation in youth.

Check it out at www.futurepositiv.org and like our page on Facebook here.



Pro Rider Rob Kingwill started AVALON7 by making hand-cut and block printed mesh bandanas for campers at the Camp of Champions in the summer of 2005. He made over 120 by hand in the backyard of the coaches' house, and AVALON7 was born.

Here are some photos of some of the original bandarils:



AVALON7 is named after a city from the future hidden in the mountains, accessible only to those seeking the next level.

"I live in the kingdom of Jackson Hole, where on certain days in the winter the whole valley is covered in a layer of clouds caused by a temperature inversion. On those days it is cold and dark below the clouds, a truly oppressive reality. The riders are the lucky ones, able to lift themselves up, elevate their perception, so to speak, by riding the chairlift up the mountain and through the clouds. When you finally burst through the clouds into the sun, it feels like you are entering another world, like stepping through a gateway into AVALON7- a world filled with bright sun, laughing friends and deep pow.  It doesn't get much better than that! " -KINGER

Click here to read the legend of AVALON7. 



If you saw the Olympic Halfpipe events in 2006, you probably noticed the red white and blue bandanas the US athletes were wearing. You can't have missed Shaun covered up in the Stars and Stripes. What you probably didn't know is that those bandanas were AVALON7. AV7 wasn't a uniform sponsor like Burton or Nike, and sure as hell didn't have the cash to come anywhere close to the Olympics. Now the trick is, how did a tiny company with nothing but heart get itself into the big game on the best athletes in the world?

Kinger competed in the Grand Prix Olympic qualifiers, and thought it would be cool to make a bunch of AV7 flag bandanas to pass out to the crowds at the events. It was sweet to see all the fans waving their flag bandanas as the riders flew over their heads. He also passed the Patriot bandanas out to any of the riders who wanted one as a keepsake of the contest.

At the last Grand Prix in Jersey, Rob walked up and saw Shaun pulling a Patiot bandana out of his backpack. "I've been looking for one of these. I want to wear it at the Olympics." he said. "Yeah right! They would never let that happen. You are only allowed to wear the team uniform." Rob thought. You know what happened next. Not only Shaun, but all of the halfpipe girls and most of the boardercrossers rocked the Patriot bandana at the biggest event in the world. Pretty cool.

SNOWBOARD BANDANA SHAUN WHITEShaun White Gold Medal AVALON7 SNOWBOARD bandana Hannah and Gretchen, one and two  AV7 patriot bandana

"AVALON7 is an anomaly. Before it even truly came into existence it managed to get itself on the world stage. Seeing Shaun and Hannah win gold medals with my Patriot bandanas around their necks was one of the coolest moments of my life. I am so grateful to all of my friends that went to the Olympics and rocked my gear- Shaun, Hannah, Gretchen, Elena, Holland, Ears, Lyns, Rosie, thank you thank you thank you. AVALON7 is honored."-KINGER



"I started AVALON7 because I wanted to create a simple and unique company, that I could run by myself as an outlet for my art and ideas. As I travelled around the world snowboarding, I was always out looking for unique bandanas at truck stops and head shops. I was sick of the same old paisley style, but I couldn't find many other options. So I decided to create my own.

My goal was to improve on the standard cotton bandana. When cotton gets wet it freezes up and becomes useless. As a result I developed a technical, breathable bandana made out of microfiber mesh. They work well in all conditions- great on a powder day, cruising the park, or hiking the pipe in the summer sun.

I named the mesh bandanas "bandarils", a combination of the old word for the flag flown on a knight's lance, which is a "bandaroll", and the scientific word "aril", which is a brightly colored seed covering.

It is important to me to create something that is relevant and useful, but that also is unique and meaningful. There is so much positive energy in snowboarding, and I want to harness and promote that. This project has just begun, but I want AVALON7 to be about positivity, passion for riding, individual expression, and art, and become a way to give back to the up and coming kids.

Thanks for checking us out!" -Rob Kingwill [KINGER}

onepecentplanet onepercent

AVALON7 is a proud member of One Percent for the Planet/ One Percent for the Tetons.



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