It's easy to enter. Simply:

1. Go riding. 2. Get a sick shot.3. Upload your video to the [AVALON7] Collective and put it in the appropriate AVALON7 BATTLES category.

For example, if you have a snowboard video to put in the BATTLES, just select AVALON7BATTLES/ SNOWBOARDBATTLE under CATEGORY when you upload the video.

The members with the highest rated video last day of the contest wins one-of-a-kind AV7 Artist Series gear.

Promote your shots by posting an AVALON7 Widget on your Myspace or Facebook page and get your friends to vote for you!

Click here for more information on how to BATTLE!

THE AVALON7 BATTLES ARE CURRENTLY IN BETA TESTING- which means I am doing my best to get them fully functional, but I can't promise everything will work yet. Thanks! RK


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